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Flight demonstration to Prime-Minister Aznar of Spain
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The NASA RAC is an official distributor for satellite and aerial data and imagery from SpaceImaging (the Ikonos satellite and other data), OrbImage, and United States Geological Survey (USGS). Any imagery available from any one of these data providers can be packaged in TerraFly through the NASA RAC. The general public may use the online TerraFly web tool to fly over sample data (including, Miami and Washington D.C.); to purchase access to other data worldwide please contact us. In the future, through the intended grant from USGS, the general public will be able to fly at no charge through Aerial photography of the entire United States and Landsat imagery of the entire World.

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TerraFly initially opens a brief legend/help window (with a link to detailed help), a flight control window, a window containing a map of the area you are flying over. You can open several data types and resolutions in different windows and fly simultaneously over them. You can overlay various ground data on top of the imagery, fly at varying speeds and directions, jump to addresses, jump to landmarks and establishments, and obtain detailed information about establishments (for example, for a hotel, you van see its photo, prices, and availability of rooms). The maximum speed of your flight depends on your connection -- from 56K modem to Internet2.

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Presentation Naphtali Rishe presenting TerraFly to a United States Congressional Delegation. Said Representative Carrie Meek of the House Appropriations Committee, "I hope for great commercial success of the TerraFly technology."


Meeting Naphtali Rishe delivering a TerraFly-produced image of Miami, Florida and the Everglades National Park to the Miami-Dade County Manager, Merrett Stierheim.

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